About Us


Shivrama is a great place to grab delicious meal like our Vada pav, Khichdi Rassa, omelets,Bhurji pav, Poha, and Gold tea, Shivrama is a leading fast meal restaurant from Aurangabad. The name Shivrama is known for mouth watering delicious Menu. However, at its core, Shivrama is three things, it is fresh, it is fast and it is quality.

We Choose Organic Herbs and spices !

This is why we hand-pick our ingredients from local or sustainable farms and we only use organic fresh farm Vegetables that give our recipes unique nutritious value and taste! Add to this our unbeatable prices and you have the full picture of Shivrama: A brand committed to redefining healthy, gourmet-standard and fast-casual meal!

Shivrama is a new fast and casual meal style that will be positioned as a franchise through our creative approach to the company’s image and detailed presentation.

Shivrama is providing a combination of excellent fresh meal at value pricing, with a new concept and atmosphere. We are aiming to set out the bars for a fresh, healthy and organic meal place in fast-meal industry. We deem that eminence ingredients and enthusiasm for what we craft will make all the difference.