Vadapav / वडापाव

Vadapav is one of the most popular and cherished street food of Maharashtra and we prevail in making it tastier. Vadapav basically contains fried potato dumpling which is sandwiched between slices of bread. It derives its origin from the economic city of the country Mumbai. It is generally accompanied by green chutney or pepper. It is assembled in a very similar way to a burger so that people can eat and carry it easily.

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Cheese Vadapav / चीज वडापाव

Give yourself a cheesy pleasure with a regular vadapav. Hot potato dumpling with cheese makes it an ideal combination for cheese lovers. At Shivrama you’ll find the tastier, the healthier and the cheesier vadapav ever. We excel in the town for making the best vadapav.

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Poha / पोहा

Poha is a Shivramas special recipe that is made with flattened rice and onions. This is yet another unique adaptation of the regular Poha where chopped onions slice are added for enhanced flavor.

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Tea / चहा

Tea is the best companion of this Kanda Poha. One should always treat themselves with this menu in breakfast for a fulfilling, healthy and scrumptious start of the day. This goes well as an evening snack too. This is one snack you won't get enough of. This spicy and tasty snack is a must-try recipe for all foodies.

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Khichadi Rassa / खिचडी रस्सा

You will always find it fresh and hot food every time, Many people consume it daily in the morning and even in the evening as it is light on the stomach.

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Omelet Pav / ऑम्लेट पाव

Savor our delicious omelets! Traditional or egg-white only! All are accompanied by chilies and your choice of Pav. For a delicious twist, discover them in one of our Omelet served in a soft brioche bun. In case you never had an omelet, then it is high time for you try one from our list of options; we assure you by your first taste you will find your loved choices on the list of menu.

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Bhurji Pav / भुर्जी पाव

A "bhurji" is a term used to describe a dry-ish masala dish which is just a mixture of stuff in small pieces. A very commonly variety of bhurji is the egg version - which is well a spicy tousled egg dish. We are best at what we do which is the sole reason why our customers find their way back to us everytime. Shivrama set out to bring fresh, healthy, organic or cage-free options eggs to the fast food industry. Bhurji- Scrambled eggs with green chillie & onion chopped with our original spices which are served with brioche bun.

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